Kinky Salon Seattle Presents: The Stripped Down Series – Have Your Cake. And Eat it.

We’re happy to present the first installation of our mini-parties, called The Stripped Down Series. These are smaller , more intimate parties than our previous events. This should enable us to keep the KSS community active and have more parties more often!

It’s KSS’ 1st blowout birthday bash! Come as a cake and get covered in icing. Bare yourself but for the balloons! Make a wish, blow some candles and lets make sure some presents are present. Just don’t unwrap until they tell you to! Please come with a PAL and follow the rules of consent and dress code. Happy birthday!

Cabaret Performance at 11:00 featuring “The Shadow-Sexxx-Show” from Factual Fiction Press & Co! Known for the playfully challenging exploration of sex-positive culture and her queer identity, this shadowy performance invites you to voyeur on the fantasy fulfillment of some birthday wishes at the blow of a candle on some sweet-ass cake.

Rope tastings offered by Slut the Fantastic from 10-11:45!

Do the hokey-pokey, the cake walk, and get down in your birthday suit with our featured live-in-house music from DJ Neural Net and KISSEA’s resident DJ Stoic!

9pm – 3 am (doors close at 11)

Saturday December 10, 2016
Secret Tukwila location (look for an email 24 hours before event)

We only like creatures to play with us who can follow the rules. Be sure to read and agree to our guidelines listed below:

• Be creative about how you dress
• Contribute when and where you can
• State your boundaries
• Play safely and consensually
• Have sensible safe sex practices
• Respect our space and each other
• Clean up after yourself
• Linger unaccompanied in play spaces
• Cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)
• Get too intoxicated
• Take photographs
• Use your cellphone
• Gossip about what goes on here
• Bring glitter!  The space doesn’t like it at all
If you want to come and can’t afford the ticket price, contact us at and we’ll try to help. If you can afford a bit more and want to make it possible for a lower income person to attend, please purchase a Supporter ticket–your extra currency will make another very happy!

You can also find us:
On FetLife in the “Kinky Salon Seattle” group.  Please join our event there too.
On Facebook, you can join the “KISSEA Friends” public group and send it a private message, and you’ll receive an invite to the private Kinky Salon Seattle group on Facebook.
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