Party and Play Rules

Hi!  To ensure everyone knows what they are getting into, here are the party and play rules for our events. We will review these with all guests as they arrive.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please contact us (form below).  If you cannot abide by these rules and wish your ticket to be refunded, please contact us as well.


Arrival: Please arrive between 9pm and 11pm. Doors are locked at 11pm and no one will be permitted in after this time.
You must arrive with your PAL(s).  If you do not, you will not be admitted; there is no waiting space inside the event.  Please coordinate your schedules.
Do not bring anyone who’s name is not already on the guest list, no matter how cute. Your entire group will be turned away.

Dress: You must be in costume; we encourage you to dress to the theme! Be the art, and help make the night more magical for all! Non-theme costumes are also welcome. Fetish/freak/formal/fancy attire is always accepted.  Street clothes, (non-fetish) t-shirts & jeans, or sneakers/trainers, or everyday attire, will not be admitted.  Please dress up somehow, we would hate to turn anyone away! Whatever your style, put on the dog and dress to the nines!


Welcome to Kinky Salon!

Here is what we want you to know, to help you and all of us have the best possible time tonight.

Consent: We want you to feel comfortable, adventurous, and protected in this safe space. Consent makes that possible, and consent is critical to us. If you need to contact us about a consent violation at one of our events, please use the message fields below, and we will reply promptly.

While you are here, ask before touching. If you are asked and aren’t interested, a polite “No Thank You” is sufficient. If you hear “No Thank You”, be gracious and respect it.

Monitors: If you see or experience a violation of consent, alert one of our monitors wearing the orange armbands (point to sample). They’re also available for any other questions or assistance you might need.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs: No illegal substances are allowed here; you and your PALs will be asked to leave immediately. All bottles must be checked in to our “bar”, and you can check them out for beverages. We provide only non-alcoholic refreshments & snacks to all guests. Smoking must be outside only; there is no indoors smoking area.  (Sorry if it’s cold out 🙂

Play rules: Our play rules are posted above the play spaces, and we have examples at the door.  If you have any questions, please ask a monitor. Monitors are identifiable by their lighted badges.

PAL: Thanks for bringing your PAL(s)!  You are responsible for your PAL(s), and your PAL(s) are responsible for you. If any of you are causing a disruption and you can’t work it out with our help, you may all be asked to leave.

Acceptance: Everyone is accepted at this party, regardless of gender, age, appearance, or preferences. Be kind! Engage with respect! Ask! (By necessity, Kinky Salon is 21+ only. Sorry!)

If you experience unkindness from any guest, please let one of our monitors know right away, and we will address the issue promptly. If you had a bad experience with a patron and would prefer to report it after the event, please contact via the message box below. Your communication will be handled carefully, with respect & consent, and in a way that preserves your anonymity (by default).

No Phones/No Photos: NO cell phone use or personal cameras are allowed anywhere inside this event. If you need to make a call, take it outside. No exceptions.

Library: Our lending library has toys you can sign out & play with, as well as information on various relevant topics, and librarians who are happy to provide advice. They may also consent to demonstrations. Ask ;>)

Supplies: Safer sex supplies are provided free. While we do not enforce any specific safer sex practices, we would hate for them to go to waste! We encourage safer sex practices and good boundaries.

Clean up: This is a shared space and we’d love to keep it playable. Place a towel under bare bottoms. Clean up after playing, replace the linens, and use the alcohol spray to wipe down surfaces.

Locations: Coat check is to the right of the door. Bathrooms are at the far end of the main room, on either side of the stage. Workshop space is in the ‘Vault Room’ through the hall to the left of the bar.  Play space is… wherever you like!

Thank you for coming to Kinky Salon. Now go have fun!


Please respect that there are many newcomers here and our monitors are very busy — we request no high-intensity/high-volume pain, edge play, or breath play.

Please respect the play space by keeping it tidy for the next people — we request no blood-play, pee, scat, fire, or wax play. We do not have the logistics or appropriate space to handle these sorts of scenes. Thank you for understanding.

We encourage towel use for all players. You do know where your towel is, right?


If you have any concerns or questions about these rules, or if you cannot abide by them and wish your ticket refunded, please contact us:

Thanks, and we can’t wait to party with you!