Thank you for another magical KSS!

Dear  Midsummer Night’s Cream Guest,

“Let me enfold thee, and hold thee to my heart!” – Shakespeare

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful evening with us and being a part of our sexual revolution. Without your attendance, support, and ridiculously sexy participation, we could NOT host these amazing events. We are honored that you chose to spend your Saturday night with us and we are, once again, blown away by your delightful costuming, consensual sexplorations, and overall beaming awesomeness.

Kinky Salon Seattle is always looking to grow and better ourselves. We’d so very much appreciate the gift of your feedback. Please take this survey to let us know what you loved, areas you think we could improve upon, and what you’d like to see at a future party.

Dying to see your likeness? So were we and y’all looked so celestial and gallant!! HERE are the pics from our photobooth with Vitamin Dee!! To sign in, enter your email address and use the password: KinkyNights123!

To stay in (better) touch you can follow us on Instagram: @kinkysalon_seattle, Fetlife: @KSSeattle, or you can reply to this thread with your FB name asking to be added to our secret Facebook group.

If you’d like to get more involved, we encourage you to write to to volunteer for a future event! We are already percolating ideas for later this year…

Lastly, looks like there were a few flitting, forgetful fairies and we collected several Lost ‘n Found treasures. Please peruse the items pictured HERE and respond to this email to claim anything that is yours.

Again, we extend our deepest gratitude and can’t wait for you to come again.

In servitude and pervitude,

Your Kinky Salon Seattle Organizers

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