GET WET with KSS on Saturday, May 27, 2017


Cum beneath the waves with us. Explore underwater crevices, admire the naughty creatures of the deep, get caught in a fishnet or submarine sandwich, grab your favorite diving gear and don’t forget to hold your breath as you prepare to join our pleasure cruise into the abyss; it’s time to….




Don’t forget, Kinky Salon is YOUR opportunity to show up in whatever gets you wet. And this is a black light party! All the sea-creatures will be illuminated to the depths of imagination. Check out our pinterest page for some costume ideas and get those (creative) juices flowing! Fetish wear is also always welcome.

Get Wet has got a lineup of awesome DJ’s for you!

Let the waves of Neural Net, Mars Saxman, Dane Garfield Wilson, and Poseidon himself move your body and tantalize your tentacles.

Also! Cabaret that is sure to make you wet!!

cookie11Known for her cheap blonde wigs, high alcohol tolerance, and quirky performances, the amazing Cookie Couture will be our Master of Ceremonies for the GET WET Cabaret and performing a surprise number. Ooh la la! She can be found hosting events at Kremwerk, Pony, and Skylark. Follow her on Instagram: @cookiecouturequeen to satisfy that sweet tooth.

IMG_20160522_154049 In burlesque style Icy London will seduce you with her cool charm and Junoesque physique. From her silk-stocking roots, she embodies luxuriousness and opulence. Swathed in frosty elegance, her sultry intensity is sure to leave you with a chill down your spine. You can peruse her website: or follow her on Instagram: when you’re craving something cool.

Kira Lee_PromoKnown to grace the pole and floor with her sensual and seductive athleticism Kira Lee will unveil a fabulously sexy dance performance for the lovely attendees of Kinky Salon Seattle! She’s performed at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, NV. Can’t wait to bring her overboard!

PhilMeansFriendTheClownGet some comedic relief with Hush in an interactive, musical clown show. No websites or instagrams for this handsome young gent. It’s all hush, hush, hush!

IMG_0543Bridging the gap between Acrobatic Yoga and Modern Dance, AJ and Chelsea will be diving into the unknown and exploring new territory on stage for our pleasure.

With a loud enough applause you might just get an encore performance from our Kinky Salon Seattle Organizers!! Bravo, bravo!!

Don’t miss our ambient artists!

IMG_8771editEExtant and Mia Torro are rope artists and educators that revel in the connection and vast array of experiences that rope bondage provides. They’ll be providing rope demos and “Scene-ettes” as soon as the doors open, so don’t be too fashionably late. Follow them on Instagram: @extantphotography and on Twitter: Twitter @MsMiaK.

Also earlier in the evening Magnificent Marjani will be transforming two human models into fantastical underwater sea creatures with UV reactive body paint. Come see this artistic spectacle!

And, of course, our inviting and comfortable play spaces and items of kink furniture, well stocked with all necessary comfort and health supplies, and ready and waiting for you and your sexy friends to dive to the deepest of underwater trenches.

We only like creatures to play with us who can follow the rules. Be sure to read and agree to our guidelines listed below:



  • Be creative about how you dress
    • Contribute when and where you can
    • State your boundaries
    • Play safely and consensually
    • Have sensible safe sex practices
    • Respect our space and each other
    • Clean up after yourself

• Linger unaccompanied in play spaces
• Cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)
• Get too intoxicated
• Take photographs
• Use your cellphone

  • Gossip about what goes on here
  • Bring glitter!  The space doesn’t like it at all

You can also find us:

  • On FetLife in the “Kinky Salon Seattle” group.  Please join our event there too.
  • On Facebook, you can join the “KISSEA Friends” public group and send it a private message, and you’ll receive an invite to the private Kinky Salon Seattle group on Facebook.
  • We’re also on Twitter!
  • You can also find us on Instagram — search “Kinky Salon Seattle”.
  • Our Pinterest Page is also a great place to find costuming inspiration!