Kinky Salon Seattle presents Journey to the Erotosphere, Saturday May 21st!

Calling All Love Cosmonauts!

Take a trip to the center of our kinktastic universe! Mad scientists, creatures, frightful femme fatales, X-Files, rubber fetishists, weirdos, sex-bots, medical experiments gone awry, astral projectionists, bounty hunters, spaced-out space queerdos, kinksters, time travelers, Frank N’ Furters, alien invaders, probers, Rocky, Transylvanians, prodders, companions, beamed up joggers, sky pirates, buggerers, cabaret-enthusiasts, drag queens & kings, and everyone in between!
Cum aliiiiiiiiiiiive & explore the outer limits of science frrriction as you Journey to the Erotosphere this May 21st at the Factory Luxe!
9pm – 3 am (doors close at 11 for the Cabaret)
Saturday May 21st, 2016
Costumes Required (no boring earthly attire) Please & Thank You!
You Must Bring a PAL (see below for details) — No Singles
The Erotosphere is a juicy nexus of music and performance art from all corners of the universe. Here’s what we have in store for you in the Erotosphere at Kinky Salon Seattle on Saturday, May 21st:
The Kinky Salon Cabaret launches at 11:00:
  • The Lady B: Our MC is none other than Seattle’s première TransFabulous, Femtastic, Draglesquing, Sass-Mouthing Negro. (YEAH!!) You can find more about her performance and her community support and activism on Facebook and also here
  • Team Jesus, our singer-songwriter duo: Even religion gets a little kinky in the Erotosphere: Team Jesus will be joining us to make bluegrass sexy again
  • Sugar Candy: Don’t miss Sugar-Candy who will get us going on a tour of the flavors in the middle of the Erotosphere with a hip-hop dance to Beyonce’s “Blow”
  • Misty Montaigne: Because Kinky Salon is the perfect context for an aria! How about “Je Veux Vivre” from Romeo and Juliet – except with custom dirty lyrics?!
  • Café au Lait Olé is a light-brewed negress who brews performance potions with unexpected ingredients. Well, let us just say that you won’t ever look at Star Trek the same way again
Those of you who start your party-making early in the night can get beamed up to the Erotosphere with the following experiential performances:
  • Spectacular interactive dance
  • A live demo of sacred tantric cock worship!
  • Needle Art: Feast your eyes upon Chris, Quinn, and Fisher as they create a masterpiece before you.
  • Rope Tasting: Experience for yourself, a decorative harness tied by one of our local Rope Tops.

Traveling music throughout your journey will be provided in two rooms by our team of Erotospheric Soundscapers including Neural Net, Mars Saxman, DJ Girlcock, and other Surprise Lifeforms:

  • Neural Net is described as a biological computer network designed to explore deep shades of tech house ranging from melodic and instrumental to funky get-down jams to mind-melting and dark sonic territories, but always keeping the dance floor grooving
  • Mars Saxman will be laying down a steady flow of dub-glitch with some bite
  • DJ Girlcock will be penetrating the aural spheres with the tunes of a hiphop/r&b/club flavor.
  • Surprise Lifeforms reaches out to the Erotosphere for a kaleidoscope of Techno and House music changing patterns from the dark, deeper, more mystical sexy side to uplifting emotional melodies and rhythms.
And, of course, our inviting and comfortable play spaces and items of kink furniture, well stocked with all necessary comfort and health supplies, and ready and waiting for you and your sexy times with your playmates!  Your space journey can be as orgasmic (or not) as you like.
We only like creatures to play with us who can follow the rules. Be sure to read and agree to our guidelines listed below:
• Be creative about how you dress
• Contribute when and where you can
• State your boundaries
• Play safely and consensually
• Have sensible safe sex practices
• Respect our space and each other
• Clean up after yourself
• Linger unaccompanied in play spaces
• Cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)
• Get too intoxicated
• Take photographs
• Use your cellphone
• Gossip about what goes on here
• Bring glitter!  The space doesn’t like it at all


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What’s a kinky salon?
 “Kinky Salon is a playful, sexy space for YOU to get your creative juices flowing. Be you vanilla or kinky, transgender, queer, straight, bi, queer or pansexual, we invite you to enjoy and engage in our artistic and erotic world.
We believe in risqué ridiculousness, mischievous masquerading, the intelligent and the inane, and we firmly believe that communication makes the best lube.
Despite its name, Kinky Salon is not a sex party, a BDSM dungeon, or a hair salon specializing in afros. Over the years it has been described as many things – a ‘sexually enlightened house party… with warm community atmosphere’ (Best of the Bay 2004), ‘The Magic Kingdom’ (Cover Story SF Weekly 2004), ‘Sustainable Hedonism’ (Common Ground 2007), ‘The hottest, sweetest sex-positive community for the polymorphous set’ (Gridskipper 2008), ‘…a close-knit community of sex-positive men and women in San Francisco… more about the progression and liberalization of sexuality in the public sphere’ (PSFK Snapshot 2008), and our personal favorite ‘The best erotic party I have ever been to’ (The Patron Saint of Kinky Salon – Dr. Annie Sprinkle, PhD, 2008). Yes, Kinky Salon is a party. It’s a really, really fun party. Yes, people can have sex at Kinky Salon, but it’s not the focus of the evening. For some people it’s a place to experiment with their exhibitionism or explore their sexuality with new friends, for others the sex is just a charming and delightful backdrop to an evening of socializing. The truth is that Kinky Salon is a social experiment embedded with tools to help people explore their identity, learn to communicate their boundaries, and surf their comfort zones.” — Polly Whittaker