Thank you! And save the date: Saturday, May 21st!

Thanks so very much to all you wonderful Kinky Salon Seattle attendees.
The event came together on a relative shoestring with a small volunteer crew, and it only went so smoothly thanks to the awesomeness of our guests.  You completely embraced the Kinky Salon ethic of community-mindedness and accountability, not to mention raw, smoking ultrahotness.  YOU ALL ROCKED IT SO HARD!
We waited to send this so we could also ask you all to save the date of our next party:  Saturday, May 21st.  Same venue for this one. Theme TBD.  Please put it on your and your friends’ calendars now!
We also want to thank our fabulous performers and presenters:
  • Seattle Shibari provided rope skills in the cabaret and a stunning personal scene later:
  • Charlie Glickman led the anal workshop in the early part of the evening. You can learn more about Charlie and his work at
  • Our sketching artist, Wyatt Landis, teaches visual art classes such as figure drawing and oil painting at
  • That sassy lap dance was brought to you by Katie
  • The delightful singer/songwriter duo are Jazz Goldman and William Nichols
  • Our incredible draglesque performer is none other than The Lady B: Seattle’s première TransFabulous, Femtastic, Draglesquing, Sass-Mouthing Negro. You can find more about her performance and her community support and activism on Facebook and also here
  • Our excellent DJs kept us grooving: RC Brown and howin1000
If you are interested (or know someone who should be interested) in performing at a future Kinky Salon, please get in touch with us.
We are eager to party with you again in the springtime!
The Kinky Salon Seattle Organizers